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FAQ / how to order

How do I place an order?

Every Friday at 6:00pm our orders go live for purchase on the website only (SHOP tab). We will always remind you on Instagram and Facebook that orders have gone live, so turn on post notifications for social media so you don't miss your chance! At 6:00pm each Friday you can come to the website, click on "shop" at the top and select between three different flavor combination choices per dozen (1 flavor, 2 flavors, 3 flavors). The next screen will prompt you to select your flavors from the drop down menu. You will then be asked to verify your name, email, delivery address and phone number before you pay. You will then receive an email with your order confirmation.

Your cookies will then be delivered to the address you provided the following Friday (more on delivery below).

When do orders open?

Every Friday at 6:00pm! We have a limited amount of spots per week (60) so you'll have to be quick!

Orders close when everything is sold out (which can be 30-60 minutes at times) or after 48 hours (Sunday at 6:00pm).

What if one (or all) of the shopping selections say "sold out"?

We can only accommodate a certain number of orders per week so when all the options are "sold out", we've reached our max capacity and cannot accept any more orders for that week - we recommend turning on post notifications for our social media to remind you of orders opening. 

If you wanted one dozen (one flavor) but that option is sold out, please either select a different option or wait for the following week to try again.

What flavors can I order?

We rotate our flavors every week and the flavor choices will be pre-loaded into the checkout section of your purchase.

When you click "add to cart" you will then be prompted with the available flavor choices for that week.

Do you take private orders / specific date orders?

Sometimes - but typically not. Our weekly orders keep us full to the brim, but with a few months of advance notice, we can typically make a custom order work (no promises)!

Do you ship?

YES! To ship 1/2 dozen, select the "Shipping Only 1/2 Dozen" box // To ship a full dozen, select the "Shipping Only 1 Dozen" box. Shipping orders are delivered 4-6 business days after initial order (typically the following Thursday-Saturday).

Do you offer gluten free or vegan cookies?

Not at this time, but we hope to add GF and vegan options to our menu by late 2021!

Are your cookies allergy friendly?

No, our cookies contain wheat, dairy, eggs and sometimes nuts.

We process our cookies in a facility that also processes nuts so even if there are not nuts in your specific cookie, please be aware of any serious allergies that cannot contain trace amounts.

How big are the cookies?

BIG! Every cookie is 6 oz. so your box of 12 cookies will weigh 4.5 pounds!

How should I store my cookies?

Our cookies are all individually wrapped so they will stay "fresh" for up to a week. We suggest eating them within the first three days or freezing until you're ready to enjoy! Just pop them in the freezer in their individual bag then let thaw for two hours at room temperature when you're ready to enjoy! (Last up to 3 months in the freezer)

Do you take orders smaller than one dozen?

We do not - one dozen is our minimum as we deliver each box to your doorstep for free and cannot make less than a dozen being delivered affordable on either of our ends!

How do I receive my cookies / where do you deliver?

Your cookies will be delivered to you the Friday after you ordered them (for example : if you ordered on Friday of 5/21 your cookies will be delivered on Friday of 5/28.

We deliver to the DSM metro only including ; Des Moines, West Des Moines, Waukee, Johnston, Urbandale, Ankeny, Altoona, Pleasant Hill, Norwalk, Grimes, Clive, Cumming, Pleasant Hill, Carlisle

What if I live out of your delivery area?

If you live outside of the Des Moines metro area, our address confirming software will schedule you as a shipping order and you will be charged a shipping fee at checkout. 

(See above question : "Do You Ship?"

Any other questions? Email us at and someone will reach out asap!
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